The Abduction of Europe
Mirror Weekly. Ukraine is starting the project "The Abduction of Europe". Serious-minded readers in Ukraine need to understand what guides one or another EU country, what shapes their attitude to what is happening in Ukraine and assessment of Russia's behavior in our country.
EU sanctions against Russia have been extended to 31 January 2016. The decision was taken without debate by the EU Foreign Affairs Council on 22 June. The deadline for the implementation of the Minsk agreement is 31 December 2015, following which the EU will once again assess the need to withdraw or extend the sanctions. But what kind of moods will then dominate?

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Discordant Europe, being either indignant over Russia's outrageous behavior in Ukraine, or moaning and counting financial losses to its businesses resulting from the sanctions, has for more than a year now been "chained together" and, one way or another, has been able to maintain unity on the restrictive measures imposed against the Russian Federation. How long will this situation last?

Will the EU have enough patience, strategic vision and backbone, both political and economic, given the abundance of binding threads and sometimes the ropes, connecting them to Russia? What are their strengths in economic, energy, corruption, political and mental areas?
Within a few coming months, every week the authors of the project, Volodymyr KRAVCHENKO and Tetyana SILINA will present in their articles, on what strings Moscow is playing, what are the painful points it shakes and how it seduces some or other member of the European Union. Who is the "weak link" in circuit with regard to sanctions? And what are the drivers, which give confidence and determination to those countries, whose position towards Moscow is made not from gold but forged out of Damascus steel?
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